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Collaborative Endeavor by Indian Hume Pipe and Birla Estates: A Glimpse into Delhi's Innovative Residential Project

A Vision for Tomorrow

 Spanning a sprawling 6.796 acres of freehold land, this visionary project is dedicated to crafting a unique fusion of modern living spaces within a cohesive residential community. The central ethos is to curate a modern living experience that caters to diverse preferences and needs, offering an array of luxurious apartments.

Powerhouses Unite

 Indian Hume Pipe, renowned for its pivotal role in critical infrastructure sectors such as water supply, drainage, and power generation, has converged its domain expertise with the visionary prowess of Birla Estates. This formidable partnership amalgamates a wealth of knowledge and experience, creating an environment primed for innovation and excellence.

The signing of the development agreement between Indian Hume Pipe and Birla Estates marks the official commencement of this transformative venture. Together, they aspire to create more than just physical structures; they aim to harmoniously blend contemporary design with thoughtful planning. 

A Microcosm of Excellence

 The blueprint of this expansive project is rooted in the commitment to elevate modern living standards. The residential complex, cocooned within verdant surroundings, will showcase an assortment of meticulously designed apartments. These living spaces are conceived not only for comfort and convenience but also to foster a sense of community through shared amenities and green spaces.

 An integrated retail area will add another layer of convenience, offering residents a diverse range of shopping and dining options. This careful inclusion ensures that every facet of a contemporary lifestyle is catered to within the confines of the project.

Shared Success, Mutual Rewards

The financial framework of this venture is as promising as its vision. Revenues generated from project sales will be divided based on an agreed ratio, with Indian Hume Pipe receiving 36.50% and Birla Estates claiming 63.50%. Birla Estates will shoulder the construction, marketing costs, and expenses for essential sanctions and approvals. Meanwhile, Indian Hume Pipe will lead the conversion of the land from industrial to residential use, underlining their commitment to holistic transformation.

 Anticipation and Optimism

 This remarkable collaboration has already sent ripples through the business landscape. On the stock exchange, Indian Hume Pipe's shares surged by 1.53%, reaching ₹235.90 at 03:05 pm on BSE. This positive market response mirrors the anticipation and optimism that this partnership has ignited.

 As this ambitious project takes form, Delhi's skyline readies itself for a rejuvenating transformation where innovation and aesthetics converge, and community living takes center stage. The collaboration between Indian Hume Pipe and Birla Estates stands as a testament to the latent potential when industry leaders unite to redefine urban living for the better.


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Shivangi Chauhan

One of my friends introduced me to the Urrbo Global Realty team while I was searching for a home. The team helped me by suggesting options that catered to all my requirements. Kudos to them for such an amazing service.

Saumya Budhiraja

It is a team of seasoned professionals based out of Delhi NCR. They work in the best possible way and guide us to the best of their knowledge. Really appreciate the promptness in their query handling. Much appreciated!

Sapna Pandey

Excellent property for investment as well as for self use..prime location..greenery with vast forest spread worth considering.

Shraboni Roy

A team of professionals based in ncr. It was great working with them. Great deals in various luxury residential brands.

Mannu Kukreja

Team is very supportive, highly recommended real estate agency for south delhi.


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